Beyond The Woods: Get Involved

Is there anything better than a festival weekend filled with great music, good vibes and friendly people? Yes – it’s having all of that for free! At Beyond The Woods, our volunteers help to make the weekend as amazing as possible – they’re crucial to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. So why not join our incredible volunteers team and have an unforgettable experience, gaining backstage knowledge on what it’s really like to help run a music festival? There are a variety of roles available which may suit your personal preference, plus, as a thank you for working a minimum of one four-hour shift over the weekend, we’ll give you a refund for your ticket. Be a part of this amazing opportunity and you could help with the following positions:


Backstage/Production Assistants/Runners

An ideal position if you’re looking for experience in backstage and sound production, you’ll be immersed in the goings-on which make our live music so fantastically loud. You’ll also be ensuring the backstage area is a clear space where both hardworking staff and artists can chill-out in the midst of the festival madness.


This role is perfect for those who may be looking for/have experience in a beauty related industry. We want our festival goers looking and feeling great, and what’s better than being covered in glitter and dancing in a field? [FYI – although the four hour slots of volunteering is consistent across volunteer roles, there is potential for two hour slot rotation in this position].

Welcome Team

You’ll be waiting to greet those entering the festival, responsible for managing the car park and being the first of the many friendly faces to welcome our guests! You’ll also be checking tickets, ID and wristbanding, as well as helping and directing others so they can find their way around the site.


Any budding artists will thrive in the Beyond The Woods site, as there’s plenty of space to get creative. You’ll help with anything arty or craft-related as well as the general positioning and organisation of decorations. You’ll be the inspiration which will help to make the site look as magical as possible!

Information Stations

Guests at the festival will want to be able to find their way around, especially those who haven’t been to Beyond The Woods before. You’ll be the source of information, the beacon of light intended to guide guests and answer any questions they may have.

Tidy-uppers and Sanitation Squad

More glamorous than you’d think, these are the roles which claim legendary status. We love our site and want to ensure it remains as tidy as possible, even more so as the deer will be moving back in once the festival is over. You’ll help to maintain a clean and litter-free space, meaning there will be plenty of room for the epic shapes thrown by our all-singing and dancing crowd.


On top of all of this you’ll receive 50% off of festival merchandise, make a ton of new friends and contacts and as well as a free volunteering kit. Experience running a festival will also look good on your CV and we’ll even provide you with a great reference. So what are you waiting for? *Applications are now open! See you there!

*If you’re thinking of applying please read our conditions here and please abide by our volunteers’ code of conduct. You can apply to volunteer here.

Any Questions?

Get in touch with Hannah, our head of volunteering, on

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