Beyond The Woods: Get Involved

Is there anything better than a festival weekend filled with great music, good vibes and friendly people? Yes - it’s having all of that for free! At Beyond The Woods, our volunteers help to make the weekend as amazing as possible - they’re crucial to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. So why not join our … Continue reading Beyond The Woods: Get Involved

Hong Kong: A Year Abroad — The Badger

For many students, moving to university can feel like a big enough move as it is. But why stop there when you could go further? With the university offering incredible placements in countries all over the world, a year out could turn into an adventure of a lifetime. 1,727 more words via Hong Kong: A Year … Continue reading Hong Kong: A Year Abroad — The Badger

Paws For Thought — The Badger

In the midst of university mayhem, many students may find it difficult to de-stress, relax, and take a few minutes for themselves. Finding the time to get outside of the library can be tough when you’re surrounded by endless reading and assessment deadlines, meaning you’re less likely to prioritise taking the time to give your… via … Continue reading Paws For Thought — The Badger